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Androgynous hair style is still tops the list of very short haircuts 2015. Such haircuts are recommended not only for direct but also for curly hair. Very short hair, depending on the styling, the perfect accompaniment as with sports style in clothes and evening dress. Very short haircuts 2015 photo - 2 You can dramatically change your appearance, just to change the usual styling and adding new fashionable accents to your very short haircut 2015. Experimenting with different variants of stacking, you can look every day in a new ways, changing your image depending on the mood and situation. Very short haircuts 2015 photo - 3 For a short haircut it is easy to give volume and put in the right direction, so they are ideal for owners of straight hair. Short and volume haircuts are soften and refresh the facial features and give the image  femininity and romanticism. Very short haircuts 2015 photo - 4 In the season 2015 are in fashion voluminous very short haircuts with bangs and a raised crown, which when laying should be lifted up and fixed with styling products. This hairstyle can be easily corrected and resume during the day. Very short haircuts 2015 photo - 5 Give to your image a new charm with the help of charming  and very short haircuts 2015 in grunge style, ultra fashionable in 2016 season. Some disheveled and deliberate artistic negligence of hairstyles in grunge style will give your appearance a special stylish chic, that will not go unnoticed among the connoisseurs of fashion trends. Very short haircuts 2015 photo - 6 Unlike previous versions of hairstyles with bangs accentuated, this hairstyle requires bangs, which rises when laying up and fixed with the help of modeling styling products. Bangs can be given as a pointed and a soft, wavy shape. Very short haircuts 2015 photo - 7 Short textured hairstyles give you an infinite number of options for hair styling, and allow you to easily and quickly change the image during the day. Feel free to play with the latest hair styling techniques: try a little tousle hair with a texturizing gel to allocate or raise the individual strands, give them a different direction ... Very short haircuts 2015 photo - 8 If you are self-confident and independent of people's opinions lady,very short haircuts 2015 for you - it's a brilliant opportunity for a game of imagination and the most daring experiments. If you are attracted to bright creative images -  look at the Iroquois, which again is at the height of fashion in the 2016 season. Very short haircuts 2015 photo - 9 Hair back and sides are cut short enough, and massive upper part of the hair is laid in the form of a comb, which can be designed as a sharp "needles", waves or curls. The shorter the length of the hair at the temples and at the back, the more image looks boldly. Very short haircuts 2015 photo - 10 Gorgeous fashionable layered very short haircuts 2015- is a guaranteed way to attract attention. Short haircut cascade is  universal, it is suitable for any hair type and face shape and assume a wide variety of options for styling.  

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