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In the last two years there is a tendency to all natural, the main thing is  to look well-groomed  and have cared hair. Natural, deep, rich colors and very short hair cuts are on the peak of popularity now. Very short hair cuts photo - 2 First of all, in every season  healthy beautiful hair is in a fashion, and we should not forget about the hair strengthening. It will be perfect first to revive and "feed" your very short hair cut with masks, and only after to rush to the salon and make a new trendy haircut. Very short hair cuts photo - 3 Selecting the length is not relevant to the season 2016, as  hairstyles are represented widely - it can be smooth or long strands tousled like negligent "feathers", gentle waves and bouffant, layering and game lengths. Very short hair cuts photo - 4 Pixie - this is a very short hair cut and it is incredibly stylish, also it can easily hide your age. Any woman with such a haircut  turns into some tomboy, but without losing the image of a gentle and fragile creature. Perfect for thin hair Very short hair cuts photo - 5 As you can see, this is very extraordinary variant of haircut. Ofcourse, this is mostly for man, but if you are a lady and also want such very short hair cut - you are welcome! Very short hair cuts photo - 6 Such very short hair cut helps women acquire more confidence and looseness. If you cut short, it shves you  as a kind of a strong spirit of a woman who knows what she wants. Very short hair cuts photo - 7 This is one of a pretty and creative very short hair cuts , while creating which you  need to cut out the hair sectionally, pulling it as much as possible . This gives a rather original, relaxed look, full of expression. This hairstyle gives the image of a stylish and sexy look, styling does not require much effort, because thanks to technology your hair will always look a bit disheveled. . Very short hair cuts photo - 8 Garzon - This very short hair cuts is perfect for business women, whose hair is not very obedient. In the process of creating hairstyles, locks are cutted in a teared way  on the back of the head, temples and bang. Very short hair cuts photo - 9 Having the short hair it is very easy to make a creative hairstyle. It is easy to care about it and apply different styling products in the form of gels, mousses and hairsprays. Such hair grow quickly, and in just a few months, you can completely get out of a haircut, do yourself a completely different, and even with a different color. Very short hair cuts photo - 10 Such haircut does not fit older women, as "easy negligence" here may seem in aquite different, disadvantage way for us. In this case, the classic version of the hairstyle "boy" will be just perfect.  

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