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To long hair should be paid more attention because it deserves it. In order to grow long hair below the shoulders must be at least three years. Many women think that v- haircuts for long hair makes the look more feminine. In addition, a number of studies suggest that men are more attracted to women with long hair. Therefore haircut on long hair are so popular among women. V haircut for long hair photo - 2 Long hair needs a lot of care. The problem of v- haircuts for long hair lays in fact, that it is difficult to keep it healthy. The longer they are, the more effort you'll need to make. This is a regular haircut every 4-6 weeks, and in the regular care after each wash. V haircut for long hair photo - 3 Cascade  acquired its popularity for a long time. Especially it was loved by women in the 90s. But today it is chosen by many women. Changed options and ways to create this v- haircuts for long hair. Hairdressers every year coming up with new variations. V haircut for long hair photo - 4 V- haircuts for long hair can be quite different, it all depends on the final wishes of the woman and her character. You can make a feminine look, with smooth lines and cuts. Create a natural look. And you can do a super jump cuts, which will start from the very top of the head, creating an unprecedented volume. V haircut for long hair photo - 5 Speaking of volume. It is through the rapids created from the hair, natural volume is purchased. This is particularly suitable for women with thick, heavy hair that pulled away under its own weight and lose fluffiness. V haircut for long hair photo - 6 You can find many variants of v- haircuts for long hair, but the most fashionable hairstyle for long hair is a cascade. Ragged hairstyle is in fashion. Long hair can be combined with a bang and then a lot of variants. This is straight and oblique, torn and split, graded and with shaped bangs. V haircut for long hair photo - 7 To make a perfect layout of v- haircut for long hair you do not need a lot of time. It is enough to wash your hair, dry it with a towel and using the hairdryer and comb,  dry them  well . Thus it is necessary to direct the air from a hair dryer from the bottom to up, lifting hair from the roots. With this new drying, vellus hair will lift up and you get super volume. V haircut for long hair photo - 8 Unlike the cascade in which the hair fibers are cut to the whole head, a " ladder" haircut creates layers near face. Ladder for long hair is a great option for those who want to keep the length  or update a haircut. V haircut for long hair photo - 9 For several seasons in fashion is hairstyle with asymmetry. Courageous women shave temples, creating a short on top grading in conjunction with long locks at the nape. But such options is to those women with thick and straight hair, not prone to curling. V haircut for long hair photo - 10 Just to wash your v- haircut for long hairis not enough. Once a week, you need to use special nourishing hair mask. And after each wash is necessary to use the air conditioner or balm, especially at the tips.  

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